Since veran, now already one uses the Infoboxes Portatiles in the wiki, for what now pondran the picture of information that must take the insoles for the articles. These infoboxes were helping also to edit in mobile devices. Template:Columns

Soccer Team Edit

{{Infobox Soccer Team
|Name =
|image =
|completename =
|previousname =
|apodo =
|fundation =
|dissolved =
|owner =
|president =
|manager =
|stadium =
|location =
|capacity =
|filial =
|league =
|league 2 =
|copa =
|position =
|position2 =
|continental =
|position3 =
|internacional =
|position4 =
|sitioweb =
|tvchannel =
|trophies =
|anthem = [[Archivo:{{{anthem}}}|200px|center|noicon]]
|uniform = <tabber>
|-|Local = [[File:{{archivo1}}|100px]]
|-|Visitante = [[File:{{archivo2}}|100px]]
|-|Alterno = [[File:{{archivo3}}|100px]]

Template:New column

Referee Edit

Template:End column

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